Amy’s Weakness-Hard Cock!

“I got really into forced feminization fetish,I couldn’t help it.”

“I found so hot the idea that someone can turn me into a pretty girl.”

“The more I got into it….the deeper it got.”

“I love to have girl tits on my chest and my lil penis keeps shrinking.”

“Now I got this permanently girly body and the only way I can have sex …is getting fucked.”

“My sexual organ now is my asshole…I can never be a man again…I’m gonna be a girl forever.”

“Being a gloryhole cumslut is the most dirty,degrading,humiliating thing I can do for my Shedaddy.That’s why I love it.”

Supervised Masturbation

Touch your dick Masturbator.Make it feel good.
C’mon Don’t be shy.Fuck your hand for Me.
I know you’re a dirty little sissy masturbator.
Show me how you pleasure yourself.