Mad Love

How missing Me has changed you sweet pie? It made you weaker?Stronger?Sexier?

Despite being in permanent contact with My wife I had all those questions in the back of My mind . Knowing her playful ,I knew she will work on her bimbo progress hard ,day after day so on My return ,on our first date ,to totally take My breath away .

And so she did wrapped in Mad Love .

The beginning
“I missed you SheHubby!”
So which of you fine gentlemen would like to join our team?
Like what things Pammy ?
“I’ll show you SheHubby”
“Don’t you trust Me?”

Our Bimbofied Anniversary

And the best in My life !

Before going into My pregnancy break -I had an amazing Anniversary night with My superb wifey .She is wearing a dress I bought for her and makes Me miss our drunky wild nights even more!!

Our Slutty Xmas Party

How we celebrate Holidays after getting married :

The good candies!
Even if the one that you love is about to spank you 😀
Matching outfits
This is the life!
Hold on tight!
And this is the dream!
It’s all I need!
It’s our party, we can do what we want
It’s our party, we can say what we want
It’s our party, we can love who we want
We can kiss who we want
We can screw who we want

Education Is Important

All types of education ,and While Pammy doesn’t comply with traditional schooling method ,I found other ways to excite her for school :Aroma,Coca-Cola ,Tons of pink & glitter and boys talk….

She looks interested doesn’t she?
Despite most of her reading is actually image staring in Vogue ,that’s progress!
Oh My how she got from class room to boys locker?!

No Pammy ,there’s no glitter shower in boys locker but for sure there’s a shower….

Oh I see ,celebrating …
Pammy !! And I was thinking to treat you with a Pink Coke but you treated yourself with a better one!!

Faking Masculinity

Kevin Aka Kelly has been faking masculinity his entire life ,going as far as growing a thick male beard and getting married . But those deep,dirty & real desires to be A sissy never faded. In fact in last year they only got worse ,feeling stuck in the actual marriage and even craving Bl@ckmail & Homewrecking.

I could have done something about this situation in a second BUT i enjoy a good game and chase so let’s have Sissy Kelly slowly coming out of closet.

  1. Blurred Picture of this whore exposed

Still clear enough to get terrified!

This photo can anytime be uploaded as the original -EVERYWHERE!

2. 200 EUROS SPENT for sissy shopping +chastity cage and 100 euros sent in My account OR written commitment that sissy Kelly will reject sex for next 3 months with wife while wearing chastity cage controlled by Me.

24 Hours for decision to be made and paid ,or picture plus other compromising details will just leak ….