I’m gonna live a beautiful life and i’ll get to know beautiful people. I will create things of beauty and be surrounded by flowers.
Wifey Pammy with My beautiful sister Countess Olivia

Wedding Night

My beautiful American bimbo wifey

We had our celebration ,with Pammy wearing a superb white dress,spring make up and bimbo pink purse
Teasing always
I Found someone who makes Me feel drunk when I’m sober
Nothing sexier than when the energy matched.

My Wife Is on Fire

And she is making sure I’m burning too with desire!

She flips ,she turn,she play…

Then suddenly a cute face ,ah she must be innocent!
But what? No she is not…what is she up for?
She ‘s sending kisses ,I made her like this,clearly she is just a cute Bimbo

She even look empty headed!

Yes totally empty…No brainz
But not she starts….The game.The teasing Game.
And she’s been playing Me into edging.
And toy fucking….Damn
I can’t reboot her,I need this!
Ahh she is enjoying My edging…