Bimbo Factory

Our top popular product -The bimbo Swirl!

Only the best -Take it while it’s hot!

Our clients are 100% satisfied with the purchase !

No we are not giving your money back -in fact ,we make you pay us more!

Take her while she’s dizzy! We spice them up with a drop of AROMA!

Oh yes she is expensive but she is top quality !

Worth every penny !

She’ll smile ,she’ll dance damn she will even love you! For the right price always!

Don’t miss out our special offer ! Extra 1000 if you want her fetch you a special special Domdeluxury drink !

You can lick and lick and lick for hours! Or until your credit card is maxed out

I’ll take you to the candy shop
I’ll let you lick the lollipop

Chica Bomb

I start to take my clothes off
And hope that I feel better
I put in a thermometer
I’m burnin’ I’m burnin’

Mad Love

How missing Me has changed you sweet pie? It made you weaker?Stronger?Sexier?

Despite being in permanent contact with My wife I had all those questions in the back of My mind . Knowing her playful ,I knew she will work on her bimbo progress hard ,day after day so on My return ,on our first date ,to totally take My breath away .

And so she did wrapped in Mad Love .

The beginning
“I missed you SheHubby!”
So which of you fine gentlemen would like to join our team?
Like what things Pammy ?
“I’ll show you SheHubby”
“Don’t you trust Me?”

Our Bimbofied Anniversary

And the best in My life !

Before going into My pregnancy break -I had an amazing Anniversary night with My superb wifey .She is wearing a dress I bought for her and makes Me miss our drunky wild nights even more!!