Keep It Wet

Once u start you will be surprised how easy it will all be. Its all inside of you. The look, the way u move, the desires. You just have to bring them to the surface. You want to dress sexy. You want to suck My cock. You want to take it in that Wet pussy. You  just have to go from wanting it to doing it. Each time you do it it will just get easier. Each time you do it it will just seem more normal. One day it will come to You. This is what u were born to be-Open Wet Cunt.

StoryTime-Going Rogue

Head of production: Scientist DomDeLuxury aka SheDaddy

Subjects:Brainwashed Creatures aka Bimbos

The production line was doing well,Bimbo Drones just as expected.Slutty,pretty,obedient.
Brain capacity close to 0%.
Ability to think-NONE

I felt was quite a success,very confident,day after day supervising the line.Erased their appearance,made them let go of their previous identity which they cultivated their entire life’s.But for who?For themselves.Selfish.
Made them understand why they dress the way they do,act the way they act.To please their Owner SheDaddy.
Their brain couldn’t stop obeying,couldn’t stop serving,couldn’t stop pleasing.The constant state of arousal as living Barbie Dolls,complete drones was taking over.Daily mantra was functioning as always and I felt they were under my control 100%.
Till one day….One went Rogue!
Was a regular day at Bimbo Factory,my voice was guiding them as always

“Breath in….Breath out…
Breath in….Breath out…

They all line up listening to my voice and all at once:

Except her…Pammy …She was only staring..drooling,but not repeating her mantra…not anymore…something went wrong.As i went closer to feel her core I noticed her body language very independent.

“Pammy come closer…I have “plans” for you.”I said …And at same time in my mind I was thinking that I need to apply an intensive hardcore reprogramming to this one.
She only wink at me,smiled,took My hand and kissed it.

“Pammy what is the meaning of this?”I asked,quite surprised.
“SheDaddy I want to help you to rule this Sissy/Bimbo Academy!”She answer very proud and confident.

“But Pammy we are not supposed to have this conversation,you are not supposed to have any type of conversation with me other than shoes,tight skirts,makeup and loving Me!”

“But I do Love you My SheDaddy,more than my life,the life you created for me.That’s why I want you to marry me! I will go anywhere you take me.Anywhere…I will follow you..deeper,deeper.”

“Oh sweetheart,go to your room…wear a pretty pink dress and a night pair of heels and wait me there.SheDaddy will be with you in a minute…now Go go …”

So she went and I was left alone with my thoughts *What is going on?How can she feel this ?How can she speak of this?Does the mantra fail…is her brain chemistry different?That’s is !I need to increase the dose of hypnosis.Just getting poppers and some Vodka and she will be back at being the normal fuck doll she was yesterday!*

“Pammy,sweetheart don’t be difficult….you will feel good in just a moment…Look I got something for you,you hold this tiny bottle while I prepare some drinks.”

“What do I do with it SheDaddy?” She asked almost innocent

“Just open it and sniff from it,it will help you sleep better…here we go ,take a few sniffs in row…Good Girl!”

“Oh SheDaddy ,I feel so dizzy,obedience is bliss…you were right and I must obey my SheDaddy *Sniff*…I belong to you …I can feel myself changing *Sniff*

“There you go,SheDaddy will take care of you …Now take this drink and sip it all in honour…Do it for Me….Good girl!”

My thoughts were going crazy….
*Need to apply this daily…have to develop a new program for such rogue Bimbos…she might corrupt others….But what if she meant it ?What if she truly wants marriage ?Oh..


Accept Permanent Feminization

I have demanded from My Sissy Amy(Chrissy) to become fully WOMANIZED.Experimenting with cross-dressing,dolling up in diffrent outfits,Watching homo,Shemale,huge cocks porn.

By keeping her in the house doing the house cleaning ,washing,cooking and serving a CUMPuccino each afternoon,she surrender whatever masculinity is left in her!
The lacey panties feel great and the smooth feminine legs make her feel like such a girl…

Feminization set her free!


She like to look into Daddy’s eyes when she suck cock.Look how eager she is…