I cherish our past ,present and future

I wish I could explain how wonderful you are. How I could look into your eyes and never get tired of their beauty .How the sound of your voice gives me butterflies .How seeing you walk into a room makes me smile .

My perfect day has nothing to do with the weather or what I’m doing. My perfect day is whenever I’m with you.

What once was… What now is… Go ahead, tell the world of the changes happening inside you now…

Who I target next for My BM Episodes

This way you know ,if you are in trouble .

  1. Virgins -Pathetic NONFUCKERS rejected by all women due to their lame social ,sexual and general skills (or lack of them )
  2. Married pigs /in a relation -I love homewrecking. I think these women ,their partner deserve better ,can get much better if I help them get rid of the piggy husband .
  3. Chronic chronic addict ,really obsessed masturbators -the BM will keep them stroking ,no lifers ,locked in house ,totally dedicated to porn & their dicks.

A few examples without face

The Married Faggot

A cheater and a pervert ,totally at MY MERCY .Let the world see what a cumdump slut you are ,for days in row .That shall keep you in place and reinforce BM !

The Suited Fag

Never leave the house without a faggot suit and tie ,proper abuse and verbal humiliation !

“You know I will send any picture you want right?

Because you own me I can not resist woman like you

Fuck you turn me in such a faggot

I can only get off on exposure since I met you and the others online

I put on a purple fag tie. With huge necktie knot”

The Foot Relapser

Ready to PAY anything to play on the safe side BUT always making him relapse and fall harder into BM game !