3 Months Of chastity or….

Cock failed her multiple times trying to show her all the time that is actually a clit. A clit that can’t cum as a cock ,Can’t jizz but must squirt !

I locked Jenny in cage for 3 months but she can over turn this with 3 simple tasks. Each task clears out 1 month of chastity !

  1. Stick the dildo to the floor and with your clitty caged ,clearly , ride the dildo until you feel orgasmic sensation (SISSIGASM) and even squirt!
  2. Decorate your chastity cage with nail polish & glitter ,the more creative you are ,the more you’ll please Me!
  3. Clean the house in lingerie set and buttpluged !

Fake Better Forever

This is what you look like permanently, now. And I’m not even close to being done inflating your heavy chest and round, fake ass. Constant enhancements, regular plastic surgery: these things are your life now. Never fake enough, inflated enough, or plastic enough.
Replace your personality with more plastic.

Be More Feminine

Yes, you think you have to be tough.

Yes, you feel like that means you have to be fierce.

But we both know it uses so much energy.

So dress pretty, look gorgeous and be more feminine.

Become a sex object for me

Dye your hair.

Paint your nails.

Wear fake eye lashes.

Use fake tan.

Get some lip fillers.

Get that ass pumped up to the max.

Stuff your tits full of saline.

Role Model
Isn’t she adorable?
Isn’t she gorgeous?
What a beautiful example of the pretty little dollie.
Your destiny is to be an outrageous fuckdoll.
Your destiny is to turn heads wherever you go.

Cute Virgin slut for sale

James is anal and oral virgin but very open minded and willing to offer himself to Make Me happy. His wife ,Diana ,is very very sexy but she needs to go off from our plans or at least end up sucking dicks for Me as well.

For now I’m offering James and he can be found 8 Beechwood Grove Manchester England m9 4nd for incall and outcalls as well . Leave Me a message if you are interested in a virgin male slut.

ORAL -100

ANAL -150

FULL -200