Dollification Orientation

“Very well my dear, everything seems to be in order. You are perfect for the position my dear.”, Domdeluxury stated looking over the desk as she closed the folder before her.

“That’s wonderful!”, She said aloud. “When can I start?”

“We can get you started right after your session of Employee Orientation my dear.”, She responded.

“Which I can start when?”, She asked.

“Hhmmm… Perhaps right now is a good time to begin my dear.”, She further stated, as she pressed a blue button on her side of the desk.

Suddenly, from behind the chair, a female form, dressed head to toe in full silver suit, reached around with a gazing mask, and forced it over Pammy’s mouth and nose, and held it there.

Pammy let out a muffled scream as she began to struggle, kicking and thrashing her legs, her hands both grabbing the arm of the female form, trying to force the mask away.

It was already too late. Pammy quickly felt the numbing sensation sweeping over her legs, then her arms. Her legs dropped, then her arms became heavy, hard to lift, soon she lost her grip of the female forms arm. Pammy’s eyes rolling upwards as she collapsed, and slumped down into the chair.

“Prepare her for complete Orientation of new personal assistant skills. She will be working directly for Me.”, Domdeluxury spoke out loud.

The strange female in the silver suits, nodded.

When Pammy awoke, she realize things had changed for her.Her clothes had been changed, and she was now spread eagle upon a strange table bed.

She looked around as she struggled uselessly, and there, above her head was a strange looking device aimed right down towards her head.

“Ah, good, we may begin your Orientation now my dear “, Domdeluxury spoke from the darkness.


“I can do whatever I like my dear, you work for Me now. Don’t worry, this won’t take long my dear.”, Domdeluxury stated as she pressed a green button on a remote control unit.

Suddenly a beam of intense blue light focused down over Pammy’s head and face, as the metal shaft began to slowly move up into her crotch area.

“AAAGGGHHH!! THAT LIGHT!! BLINDING MEE!! NNNOOOO!! WAIT!! WHAT’S HAPPENING!? TINGLING IN MY HEAD!! OH GOD NNNNOOO!! WAIT!!… PLEASEE!!… STOP!!… NO!… Oh my mind… What are… you doing… to me… nnnnnnoooo…”, Pammy yelled and mumbled as her eyes glazed over and became fixed on the light beam. Dollification Orientation was about to begin.

Uh what a pretty doll I made out of you…

Well done. See it wasn’t that bad was it?

*shakes head*

relax and accept

your natural state

You are welcome

You’re watching

You’re accepting

You’re being brainwashed

You love brainwashing programming

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