The Wasted Princess

I had such a satisfying session with My Sissy Jenny that was locked for a full week.Her clit is getting smaller ,her craving for poppers is growing!

After multiple vicious rounds of Aroma and drinks ,I forced her to edge on and on enjoying this tormenting suffering as NEW SEX FOR SISSY !

No one calls you honey or sweety here. Cunt and slut are my terms of endearment and they mean more to you than any false platitudes ever could.

You were ectstatic because I was finally going to allow you to cum

You felt so slutty. So owned.
It’s a vicious cycle in a game you were meant to lose and it will keep up until cum is pumping down your throat
I decide how long and how deep and how fast

You feel weak and voluntarily allow Me to force jizz into your face like this.

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